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Too Faar

M.G.K. aka Too Faar creates psychedelic sound from electronic beats and organic soundscapes mixed with played and recorded instruments. His main instrument is electric bass/contrabass . As multi-instrumentalist on his recordings he plays guitar, berimbau, kalimba, tibetian bell, drouns, etc… Too Faar creates in his own studio Armazonex and uses Ableton Live as a platform for recording,composing and performing his live set. He currently lives and works in Pula (HR) and is active member of “Armazonex family” collective, audio-visual collective with visual artist “Vilenia Velenia”. Years spent in Amsterdam and partying in the underground psychedelic temples such as Elf, Donauweg, Ruigoord or at party’s organized by " Zirk " collective, " 9 Lifes of Hofmann " collective, " Prog as a frog " collective and other underground party’s has left their mark on his sound, which is defined as "a trip without a trip with heavy bass sound”.