M.G.K. Musica
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Green Screen

M.G.K. aka Green Screen creates psychedelic sound from 90' with a touch of modern trends in electronic music such as psy , zenonesque , minimal , dark , dubstep etc..
As an essential part of Green Screen in his perforamnces is vj set by Vj Tetadelika. Years spent in Amsterdam and partying in the underground psychedelic temples such as Elf, Donauweg, Ruigoord or at party’s organized by " Zirk " collective, " 9 Lifes of Hofmann " collective, " Prog as a frog " collective and other underground party’s has left their mark on his sound, which is defined as "a trip without a trip with heavy bass sound”.
He currently lives and works in Pula (HR) and is active member of “Armazonex family” collective, audio-visual collective with Vj “Tetadelika”, “Too-Faar” ambient project. Green Screen creates in his own studio Armazonex and uses Ableton music program as a platform for recording,composing and performing his live set. In his live sets coincidence becomes music with all the mistakes that can make the music unpredictable and interesting.


M.G.K. Musica, TOO - FAAR M .K. Musica, TOO - FAAR M.G.K. Musica, TOO - FAAR